Another semester ends, welcoming the most exciting semester yet!

Hello MEDLIFE Members,

Thank you for a wonderful semester, your attendance at meetings and volunteering for countless fondue events. Your efforts have been noted and will help you subsidize the cost for your trip next semester.We’ve raised so much money with your help and we hope to continue to do so.
For the last two years we’ve really been working hard for our first trip to Lima, Peru. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to my semester abroad but your board members Tilar Martin, Emma Li and Lacie Phibbs will be taking over next semester collectively to make you fully prepared for this trip.
With SGA funding, continued fundraising and all of your help I truly believe that this trip will be economically feasible for many of you. I encourage you to sign up and put in a deposit for the trip in order to create your account and start fundraising on your own. Remember if you cannot attend this trip due to any reason your $150 can be used for any future trip! So your better off paying now!
Trip Date for Spring Break: March 14th-22nd 2015.
Other upcoming events for next semester include:
MEDLIFE Dance-a-thon
Feel free to email with any questions or concerns.
Nishath Rahman

About mountholyokemedlife

Founded in 2013

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