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A Successful ‘Fondutastic’ few months!!

MHC Jazz Event in Pratt Music Hall sponsored by MHC MEDLife Chocolate Fondue Fountain

IMG_0831 IMG_0829


Ham & MacGregor Floor Event sponsored by MHC MEDLife Chocolate Fondue Fountain


Yum Delicious!!

We have been able to raise a lot of money from these events so far, and the money goes towards helping us for our mission trip next year January. Chocolate success!!


Thank you for everyone that showed up to our first meeting this past Friday, September 27th. The turnout was phenomenal and we hope you continue to come and support the cause. We can promise you that this club will only continue to grow in the process of being an established organization on campus. So don’t miss out on future meetings! Look out for future emails and Facebook updates on the next meeting.